Ingrid Manfredo, LCSW-C, LCADC



Ingrid's brief relaxation meditation- breath focus


"The Larger Self" by Richard Schwartz


How Yoga helps stress, anxiety and pain:



If you are suffering with depression, anxiety, addictions, multiple physical ailments/conditions, or general sense of being disconnected (or other forms of dissociation), you may be dealing with traumatic stress.  Your childhood experiences, adult traumatic events or the Covid-19 pandemic may be the cause or be contributing to your suffering.  Seeking help places you on track for healing; you do not need to suffer any longer because there is HOPE.  

The focus of my work is helping others improve functioning and quality of life effected by trauma.  My approach to therapy is paced, individualized and from a holistic perspective: your basic needs, support, physical health, spirituality, life goals are all important in our work together.   Initially we would begin with stabilizing symptoms which, often, clients begin to experience within the first couple of sessions.  Together, we determine your pace in the therapy process and work in partnership toward your specific goals.

If you are considering getting help I would be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.   

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In person trauma  therapy groups are on hold due to restrictions of space.If you are interested in online group therapy please contact Ingrid via the Contact Page or call 301-639-1545 for an initial assessment.  Only participants who are committed to a 12 -week group will be considered.